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Bell Spiders (full)

Bell 'Spiders'

Here are some pictures of bell 'spiders', some taken at local towers, and others from further away.
If anyone else has any interesting photos of bell fittings, please sent them to us.

This picture of a bell 'spider' was taken by Anne Rogers at Chedworth, Gloucestershire.

(c) Anne Rogers
  The 'spider' at Haddenham

(c) Ruth Bramley

Here is a picture of the 'spider' in Gamlingay church, taken by John Boocock.

(c) John Boocock

Below is the spider at Landbeach complete with prey! Thanks to Barbara Le Gallez for the photo.

The spider at the RAF Church of St Clement Danes, Westminster

  The spider at Wisbech. Thanks to Geoff Grayton for the photo.