September 2012

posted 27 Dec 2012, 10:08 by Janet Garnett   [ updated 27 Dec 2012, 10:27 ]

Dear All,

Here is your September online update with some dates for your diaries and other information.

District meetings scheduled for the next three months are:
+ October 6th: Ringing at Cottenham 3 - 4.30, harvest festival service, tea and business meeting at Cottenham, evening ringing at Rampton.
+ November 3rd: Ringing at Swaffham Prior 2 - 3.30 pm, ringing at Swffham Bulbeck 3.30 - 5 pm then tea.
+ December 1st: Ringing at Longstanton 3 - 5 pm, then tea.

There will be a District committee meeting in the next couple of months, probably on the same day as the ringing meeting in October or November. This is the committee meeting when we will plan the ringing programme for 2013, so if you have any requests or suggestions, or any other matter which you would like the committee to consider, then please contact me or any committee member.

8-BELL QUARTER PEALS (15th Sept and 18th Nov)
The 8-bell quarter peal attempt for September is on the 15th, which is the third Saturday. This will be at Over, ringing after a wedding so there is no choice of time. It's a 1:30pm wedding, so meet at 2:00pm, and please be prepared to be a little flexible on the timing. Roderick has set up a Doodle poll where you can show that you are available. The link is, note that this is a new link. Please contact Roderick directly ( with any queries or suggestions. There will not be an 8-bell quarter peal attempt in October as a training day for Glasgow Surprise Major is arranged on October 20th (the third Saturday). See below for details. We expect to arrange an 8-bell quarter peal attempt on November 18th, location to be decided.

Dee Smith, as Ely District Training Officer, asks me to announce the Ely District Training Morning for Plain Hunt and Plain Bob Doubles. This event will be held at St Andrew's church Isleham on Saturday 22nd September 2012 from 10 am to 1 pm. Refreshments will be available. If you would like to attend, either as a student or as a helper, please send your name and contact details to Dee Smith (email, phone 01638 615423). Please pass this information on to other ringers in your tower, and consider sharing transport if appropriate. Dee has prepared a poster for the Training Morning which can be printed and displayed in your ringing chamber. If you would like a copy then please let me know.

The Ely DA quarter peal day is arranged for 29th September, organised by the Huntingdon District this year. Sheila George, as Huntingdon District ringing master says: 'We will be holding the tea and Special General Meeting at HOUGHTON in the chapel building to the west of the Parish Church. So far the only timings set are Tea at 5pm with the Business meeting following at  6.15pm.   This then gives us time for 2 time slots for quarters beforehand and 1 afterwards.'

Everyone is invited to take part - this is a good opportunity to ring with members of other districts and in towers which we do not often visit. Perhaps you would like to try ringing or calling something which you do not normally have the chance to attempt. Sheila emphasises that all abilities will be catered for, just tell her when you are available and she will do her best to fit everything in.

If you would like to take part in the quarter peal day, or just turn up for tea, please send the following information to Sheila on
Name, Contact details - Telephone number AND email address, When available, Ringing capability, Any request for a particular method, Any request for a particular bell, Conductor or not, Names for tea.
Sheila has also sent a poster for display in ringing chambers. If you would like a copy then please let me know.

On Saturday 20th October, the Ely District Presents Go Glasgow! a Training Day for Glasgow Surprise Major.
Led by Paul Seaman
Time 9.30 am - 3.30 pm
Cost £5.00 per ringer to include theory, practice sessions and light refreshments. (Helpers are free)
All participants will be offered the chance to attempt a quarter peal of Glasgow at a later date.
Course is open to all ringers who are capable of ringing the standard 8.
Please contact Dee Smith for further details and a registration form by Saturday 6th October 2012
Dee Smith 27, Mason Road, Burwell CB25 0BG Tel 01638 615423

As always, please pass on any details in this email to Ely District members who do not receive it themselves.

Happy ringing,

Janet Garnett
Ely District Secretary