Reports of Peals and Quarters 2015 

From the footnotes

Well done to 4 Cottenham ringers on scoring their first peal recently: Emma Davies and James Miller  and Matt Audsley and Ben Morgan -part of the First Peal 2015 initiative to mark the 300th anniversary of theh first ever peal.

The first quarter since the re-ordering of the rope circle at Swafham Bulbeck was rung on 22nd November

Well done to Simon Smith on scoring his first quarter of Stedman inside at Soham: .

Benjamin Edwards rang his first quarter away from cover at Isleham

The opening of the Stretham REC was marked by a quarter in a new methods called Stretham REC

David Waterhouse rang his first quarter at Landbeach.

A peal of 22 Spliced S Minor was rung at Houghton on Saturday 18th July which included 4 Ely District ringers and was rung as a birthday compliment to Dave Garnett, husband of Janet

Congratuations to David Waterhouse on his first quarter peal at Landbeach on Sunday 19th July

Congratulations to Emily Harris on her first quarter, rung at Haddenham on Sunday 28th June

A quarter was rung at Millcroft Campanile to mark what would have been Janet Bailey's 69th birthday.

The two horse chestnut trees in Burwell churchyard,
now 200 years old, planted for the Battle of Waterloo.
A quarter was rung at Burwell for the 200th Anniversay of the battle of Waterloo - the first in the refurbished ringing chamber.

Ringing has taken place to mark the 800th anniversary of the signing of the Magna Carta: at Soham (a first quarter for Cambridge District ringer James S Cooper), Histon and Over, and a half peal was rung at Cottenham

A District band rang for Walsoken's flower festival

A quarter peal was rung at Cottenham to mark the 200th anniversary later this month of the Battle of Waterloo

A quarter was rung at Histon for the Songs of Praise Evensong for VE day held at Impington, and two more VE day quarters were rung at Chatteris and Cottenham 

Two quarter peals were rung to mark the 70th anniverary of VE Day; at Swaffham Prior and at Over. This was the first quarter for Peter Millbank; congratualtions.

A peal was rung in the district for the birth of Princess Charlotte at Rampton with four district ringers taking part

Congratulations to Daniel Stevens on his first quarter peal, rung at Swavesey on Sunday 3rd May

A quarter peal was rung at Isleham to mark the centenary of the death of Nick Carver's  great uncle, Arthur Carver, killed in action during WWI. See separate news article

Belatedly (apologies for  missing it) congratualtions to Malcolm Creese on his first quarter peal, rung at Swaffham Bulbeck on 12th April

A quarter peal was rung at Over for St George's Day

Three quarter peals have been rung in memory of Phil Bailey's mother, Janet; at Bluntisham, Histon and Swaffham Bubeck

A  quarter peal was rung at Landbeach to mark the former Rector's 80th birthday. This was the first away from cover for 2 of the band  and was the first of Minimus by the local band; well done all.

A quarter peal was rung at Longstanton to celebrate Andy Marshall's 50th birthday

A quarter peal of Diamond Bob Triples was rung at Bluntisham on Friday 27th Feb as a diamond wedding anniversary compliment to Solly and Hilary Laredo, parents of Naomi.

The quarter peal at Longstanton on Friday Feb 20th was a belated  birthday compliment to Phil Bailey (You don't look a day over 50, Phil...)

A few firsts for a couple of District ringers at Oakington on Ash Wednesday, 18th Feb.

Contgratulations to Peter Binns on ringing his first quarter inside at Fordham on Sunday Feb 15th

The band at Newmarket on 14th February
Former Ely District ringer Alan Barber returned to the area on Saturday 14th to ring a peal on the 100th anniversary of his mother's birth. It was also rung as a birthday compliment to Roger Palmer who taught him to ring

Two quarter peals were rung on Monday 26th Jan in memory of Geoff Lucas  of Willingham, on the day of his funeral, and two peals, one at Dore, Sheffield and a handbell peal at Newmarket. Another quarter peal was rung at Millcroft Capmpanile on Sunday. Another peal was rung at Houghton on 2nd February.

Some peals and quarters rung in 2014

The band at Wilburton, after Reece's first quarter peal
The Ely DA quarter peal event on 29th November was hosted by the Ely District. It was based at Burwell for the tea and meeting; quarter peals were rung at HaddenhamStrethamOver andWilburton in the Ely District, and one over the border at Exning in Suffolk. These included a first quarter peal for Reece Perry of Landbeach, which was conducted by John Hinton, a first inside for Ruth Bramley of Stretham and a first in method for Catherine Richardson of Linton. There were also quarter peal attempts at Fordham, Isleham and Soham.

Half muffled quarters for Remembrance Sunday were rung at HistonOver and Cottenham.

A quarter peal was rung at Burwell on Sept 14th in memory of Roger Smith.

Seven Ely District ringers rang a peal at Burwell, conducted by Paul Seaman to thank David Gillbert for his years as Tower Captain. It will also be the last peal on the bells before work on the clock and ringing chamber starts

Congratulations to Rachel Frost and Ben Edwards on ringing their first quarter peal (with a band of Young Ringers) at St Benets, Cambridge, on Sunday 24th August.

Full list is here.