Ely DA Young Ringers outing, August 2014

The ringers at St Mary's, Ely
This outing was organised and run by the young ringers themselves. At ten o'clock a group of young ringers and some older ringers who had graciously agreed to help out met at St Ives for the first of our towers. The three ringing masters who would alternate throughout the day tried to include the right balance of ringing targeted for each individual ringer’s needs.

We then moved on to Bluntisham and enjoyed another ring of eight that Huntington had to offer. At this pretty church Barbara took the opportunity to present some supplies in the form of biscuits which were enjoyed at a number of different towers and in transit between the towers.

Supplies being decimated rapidly we then moved on from Huntington District and entered into my district with ringing at Wilburton, the only six bell tower of the day. This gave the younger ringers a chance to practice on a smaller number of bells and we could all perhaps try ringing slightly different things to what we are used to.

Lunch at Pizza Express
We then travelled to Ely and to Pizza Express for lunch. Food being consumed and enjoyed by all we then travelled to our heaviest tower of the day in Ely and experienced a different ring of eight.

Leaving Ely district behind us we journeyed to Orwell for our final ring of the day. We all gave the last tower the last of our energies and felt thoroughly tired as we journeyed home. Thanks to Barbara, Alan and Chris for providing transport, to St Ives, Bluntisham, Wilburton, Ely and Orwell for allowing us to use their towers and to Adam, Will and Rachel for organising the outing. Thanks to Barbara for takaing the photos.

Rachel Frost