Striking Competition Results 2015


Date: Saturday 9th May 2015  
Venue: All Saints,
Judges: Alan and Marj Winter

We were joined by a team from the Ely DA Young Ringers, who entered a scratch band in each section. A scratch band may be placed first in a section, but cannot win a trophy.

Method Section  
Placed Team Rang Faults
Winner Cottenham 2nd  15   Plain Bob Doubles
Second Older ringers scratch band 4th  24
Plain Bob Doubles
Third Over 1st  30   Plain Bob Doubles
Fourth Young Ringers scratch band 3rd  45   Plain Bob Doubles
Cottenham were awarded the trophy and Over, as lowest placed tower band, were awarded the wooden spoon.

Called Change Section  
Placed Team Rang  
Winner Cottenham 2nd      
Second Over 1st  
Third Young Ringers Scratch Band 4th  
Fourth Isleham 3rd     
Fifth Landbeach 5th  

Photos Thanks to Geoff Grayton

The rules allow for one ringer to be 'borrowed' if necessary, and three bands took advantage of this.

 The Over Call Change Band    The Cottenham Call Change Band    The Isleham Call Change Band
 The Young Ringers Call Change Band    The Landbeach Call Change Band    The Over Method Band
 The Cottenham Method Band    The Young Ringers Method Band    Presenting the Call Change Trophy