Striking Competition Results 2017

Date: Saturday 6th May 2017  
Venue: St Andrew,
Judges: David and Cecilia Pipe

Judges David and Cecilia Pipe thanked everyone for attending the striking competition, and for an enjoyable evening. They had a chance to ring on the bells and commented that, while the bells are a challenge to ring well, there was some good ringing during the competition., 

Method Section  
Placed Team Rang Faults
First Scratch Band 4th  36   Grandsire Doubles
Second Over 1st  41
Plain Bob Doubles
Third Longstanton 3rd  52   Plain Bob Doubles
Fourth Cottenham 2nd  54   Plain Bob Doubles
A scratch band may not be awarded the trophy, even if placed first, so Over as highest placed tower band were awarded the trophy, Cottenham were awarded the wooden spoon

Called Change Section  
Placed Team Rang  Faults
Winner Cottenham 1st  41
Second Longstanton 4th  51
Third Swaffham Bulbeck & Bottisham 3rd  60
Fourth Oakington 5th   62  
Fifth Stretham 2nd  68
Sixth Over 6th  76