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December 2020: The Ely District Bookstall is not very active at present, but some books are available and others can be obtained if required. Please contact the District Secretary (elysec_at_elyda.org.uk) for more information.

This list is derived from the previous CCCBR Bibliography and gives the title, date, price and a short summary of the books and other publications which are have been stocked by the Ely District Bookstall. See the Shop page on the CCCBR website for the current CCCBR publications which are available. Price information is included here for guidance only - actual prices may change faster than this list is updated, and some publications are now available only to download..

Tower Management

Starting a New Band - Some Guidelines

Wilfrid Moreton (1997, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Advice to ringers & non-ringers on starting a band from scratch at a tower without one. It covers recruiting, teaching, relations with church & community. Based largely on the author's experience.

Striking the Right Note

Public Relations committee (1994, CCCBR) £ 6.00.

Advice for anyone who needs to communicate with the wider community, particularly the media.

A Tower Captain's Handbook

David Parsons (1983, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Advice on: organisation, recruiting, teaching bell handling, running the ringing and maintenance, with appendices on call changes and touches of Plain Bob, Grandsire and Stedman.

Organising an Outing

Ron Warford (1999, CCCBR) £ 1.50

Lots of helpful information on arranging a ringing outing - including ringing holidays with travel on foot, by narrow boat and by bicycle. Sections on outline planning, things to do in advance and how to make sure the day goes well. Also provides example timetables and specimen letters.

The Tower Handbook

compiled by John Harrison (1988, CCCBR) £ 16.00 (Out of print, Jan 2012)

"Answers to 1001 questions about ringing". A 400-page compendium of information and advice on every aspect of ringing, designed for browsing and easy reference in the tower. Available to order only, but the Ely District owns a copy for reference and browsing during meetings.

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Learning Ringing

A Beginners Handbook

Malcolm Tyler (1981, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Introduction to ringing covering bells, handling, ringing with others and elementary methods.

Beginners' Grandsire

A Waddington (2003, CCCBR) £ 1.00

Third edition of the book first published in 1951. Introduction to change ringing in general and Grandsire Doubles and Triples in particular. Notes on the plain course, work at a bob and a single, and on calling touches.

Beginners' Plain Bob

A Waddington (2003, CCCBR) £ 1.00

Third edition of the book first published in 1952. Introduction to plain hunting and Plain Bob on 4 - 8 bells. Notes on the plain courses, work at bobs and singles, and on calling touches.

One per Learner

Pam Copson (1985, Pam Copson) £ 0.85

Pocket book covering basics and general topics in easily digestible form.

The Follow on Book

Pam Copson (1986, Pam Copson) £ 0.85

Successor to One Per Learner, with more methods, work, blue lines, splicing, etc.

Doubles and Minor for Beginners

William Butler (2nd Ed 1983, CCCBR) £ 3.50

Extensive guidance on learning and ringing twenty different methods including blue lines, work order, above and below the treble, place notation and bob calling.

The Learning Curve Volume 1: 1999 - 2001

John Harrison (2002, CCCBR) £ 3.00

Compilation of series of articles in The Ringing World on education-related topics. Ranges from 'Raising and Lowering in Peal' to 'Double Handed Ringing' and 'Old Learners or Ageless Problems'. Includes an index and list of references.

The Learning Curve Volume 2: 2002 - 2003.

John Harrison (2004, CCCBR) £ 3.00

A further 24 articles from The Ringing World on a wide range of ringing related topics.

The Learning Curve Volume 3: 2004-2005

John Harrison (2006, CC), £3.00.

A further 24 articles from The Ringing World on a wide range of ringing related topics.

The Learning Curve Volume 4: 2006-2007

John Harrison (2008, CC), £3.00.

This, the final volume of the series, contains a further 24 articles on a wide range of bell ringing topics.

Learning Methods

Michael Henshaw (2000, CCCBR) £ 3.50

General guidance on learning and ringing methods, using nine specific methods as examples. Considers the use of the blue line, named pieces of work, place bells, grids, passing the treble, course/after bells, coursing orders, and other signposts in learning a new method.

Raising and Lowering in Peal

John Harrison (1989, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Practical advice on raising and lowering singly and in peal including trebling with advice on common problems.

Ringing Circles

Chris Adams (2000, CCCBR) £ 3.00

A guide to learning twenty four methods, progressively arranged, from Plain Bob Doubles through Cambridge Surprise Minor. Includes for each method: table of numbers for plain course (blue line emphasised); circle of work; tables for bobs and singles; what to do at the next lead end (emphasising learning by place bells); and useful tips.

Ringing Jargon made Easy

John Harrison (1986, CCCBR) £ 0.20

Single sheet leaflet for beginners explaining basic ringing terms often not explained, including up, down, in, out, etc.

Ringing Skills

John Harrison (1993, CCCBR) £ 5.00 (Out of print July 2011)

Explanations of ropesight, listening, rhythm and how they complement each other, with practical advice for developing them via self help and teaching.

Standard Eight Surprise Major Methods - (Learning & Ringing The)

Peter Hurcombe (1992, CCCBR) £ 6.00

Figures, blue line and work description of a whole course together with tips and potential errors, for each method.

Towards Better Striking

Roger Smith & Malcolm Tyler (1981, CCCBR) £ 1.50

Short leaflet giving basic advice on the importance of good striking and how to achieve it. Covers relative importance of visual, aural and rhythmic approaches to striking. Describes common problems.

Triples and Major for Beginners

William Butler (1986, CCCBR) £ 3.50

Guidance on learning and ringing nine different methods.

The Bellringer's Bedside Companion

Steve Coleman (1994, Sue Coleman) £ 14.95

Hardback book of 52 chapters of practical advice on many subjects including ropesight, call changes, raising & lowering in peal, method learning, ringing panic, being a tower captain, and much else.

The Bellringer's Early Companion

Steve Coleman (1994, Sue Coleman) £ 14.95

Hardback book of practical advice on many subjects including handling, Plain Hunt, ringing a single bell up & down, leading, difficult bells, tenor behind, listening & striking, ringing knots, a trip upstairs, the very beginning, ropes & splicing, belfry maintenance, weddings & funerals, and much else

The Method Ringer's Companion

Steve Coleman (1994, Sue Coleman) £ 14.95

Hardback book giving detailed guidance and practical advice on learning and ringing all the widely rung methods from Bob Doubles upwards. Chapters on listening, striking and method naming.

The Bob Caller's Companion

Steve Coleman (1994, Sue Coleman) £ 14.95

Hardback book with detailed guidance on calling plain courses and touches in widely rung methods from Bob Doubles upwards. 600 easy touches and quarter peals. Chapters on putting right and composing.

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Teaching Ringing

Kaleidoscope Ringing

Gordon I Lucas (2004, CCCBR) £ 1.50

Subtitled A Change Ringer's Alternative to Called Changes. Analyses the basic skills needed for effective method ringing, explains the differences between these skills and those used to ring call changes. Then describes an approach and a structured set of exercises, specifically designed to help develop the method ringing skills.

One Way to Teach Bell Handling

Richard Pargeter (1995, CCCBR) £ 2.00

A staged approach to teaching handling, based on personal experience of teaching a band from scratch, with advice on common problems at each stage.

Simulators and Teaching

Phil Gay (1993, CCCBR) £ 2.50

Describes the practical use of simulators as teaching aids at different stages of training.

Teaching Beyond Bell Handling

Richard Pargeter (1998, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Continues from One way to Teach Bell Handling and provides practical assistance to someone who is teaching method ringing.

Teaching from Rounds to Bob Doubles

Wilfrid Moreton (1987, CCCBR) £ 1.50

A structured scheme for progressing beyond initial training to develop method ringing ability and the associated additional bell control skills.

A Tutor's Handbook

Wilfrid Moreton & Norman Chaddock (1995, CCCBR) £ 3.50

Detailed guidance for those teaching ringers:

Part 1 (Bell control) covers a staged method for teaching bell handling, hunting and call change exercises, raising and lowering, advice on common faults, teaching a new band.

Part 2 (Elementary change ringing) has a progressive scheme of instruction with practical and theoretical exercises from hunting on three to ringing Plain Bob on six and more.

Appendices cover particular techniques.

Bell Club Starter pack (available to order)

Pam Copson (1996, Pam Copson) £ 5.00

A progress scheme for new Church Bell ringers. Includes 5 personal progress record cards with felt tip pens, achievement badges, suggestions card and tutors notes. Individual items may be reordered separately.

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Collections of Methods & Diagrams

Doubles Collection

(1980, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Includes corrections dated January 1996.

Collection of Minor Methods

Methods Committee (1984, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Includes corrections dated January 1997.

Collection of Plain Minor Methods

Methods Committee (1999, CCCBR) £ 3.00

Complete collection of all Plain Minor methods specified in place notation

Collection of Principles (3rd Ed)

Methods Committee (2000, CCCBR) £ 3.00

Definition of 32 different principles with details of when and where first rung and the earliest peal composition for each

Criblines 1

David Marshall ( , David Marshall) £ 1.00

Small pocket sized booklet containing blue lines of the 41 regular surprise minor methods

Criblines 2

David Marshall ( , David Marshall) £ 1.50

Small pocket sized booklet containing blue lines of 60 of the most popular major methods

Plain Methods (2nd Edition)

Methods Committee (1994, CCCBR) £ 7.50

Collection of plain methods in place notation. Includes corrections dated March 2001.

Treble Dodging Minor Methods

Methods Committee (1996, CCCBR)

Includes corrections dated March 2001. Review: Ringing World 1996 page 1025.

Method 300

( , Longridge) £ 3.95

Collection of lines of about 300 frequently rung methods

TB Major Variations (available to order only)

( , Longridge) £ 1.95

A look at the Oxford and Kent variations

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Conducting & Coursing Order

John Longridge (1989, Longridge) £ 2.95

Practical guide to coursing order and how conductors can use it to check and put right the ringing

Conducting Stedman

David Parsons (1989, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Practical guidance on conducting a very popular but specialised method

Will you Call a Touch Please Bob - A Beginner's Guide to Conducting

Peter Hurcombe (1989, CCCBR) £ 2.50

Detailed guidance including: preparation, observation bells, calling positions, standard touches and practical tips. Appendices on good striking, correcting mistakes, transposition, useful touches.

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Touches & Compositions

Easily Remembered Service Touches

David Parsons (Rev 1998, CCCBR) £ 1.50

Over 150 simple compositions in basic methods on all numbers, of varied lengths up to quarter peals.

Handbook of Composition

John R Leary (1993, CCCBR)

Available to download as pdf file, scanned from hard copy.

Collection of Compositions in Popular Major Methods (2001)

Roderick R Horton (2001, CCCBR) £ 4.50 Out of print 2008

This collection defines popular methods by an analysis of what was rung over a three year period. All the favourite compositions in these methods are represented, with many previously unpublished works from some of the experts of the modern era. Musical properties of all compositions are included.

Collection of Universal Compositions of Treble Dodging Major Methods (2001)

Roderick R Horton (2001, CCCBR) £ 4.50

Compleat Cambridge (available to order only)

Giles Thompson ( , Longridge) £ 3.95

Treatise on Cambridge Major which includes almost all published compositions together with sections on its proof and composition.

Quarter 500 (available to order only)

John Longridge (1980, Longridge) £ 3.75

500 quarter peal compositions of varying complexity in methods from Plain Bob Doubles to Spliced Surprise Maximus.

Standard 70

John Longridge (1982, Longridge) £ 3.95 (out of print)

All in one booklet for peal or quarter peal ringer, ordinary touch ringer and tower grabber. Blue line, touch, quarter or peal for the 70 or so most popular methods from Doubles to Maximus.

Theory of Change Ringing

Method Splicing - Practical Hints

John P Fidler (1995, CCCBR) £ 3.00

This is a revised edition of the book first published in 1925 It includes the theory and practice of method splicing as an introduction and continues with hints on splicing and ringing minor methods.

The Beginners Guide to the Construction of Methods

Wilfrid F Moreton (1996, CCCBR) £ 3.00 (out of print?)

A comprehensive guide to how methods are constructed, why they are named as they are, how methods are extended to higher numbers and the first elements of proof. It starts from a basic level and covers theoretical aspects of methods.

Understanding Place Notation

R G T Morris (1984, CCCBR) £ 1.50

Basic description of what place notation is and how to use it to construct diagrams of methods, with examples.

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Maintenance & Restoration

The Bell Adviser

(Rev 1998, CCCBR) £ 2.00

Towers and Belfries Committee notes for bell advisers.

Guidelines for a Do-It-Yourself Project

(Rev 1996, CCCBR) £ 1.50

Schedule of Regular Maintenance

T&B committee (1991, CCCBR) £ 3.00

Good practical guide to bell maintenance with plenty of diagrams (some used in section 14 of "The Tower Handbook")

Sound Management

T&B Committee (1998, CCCBR) £ 1.50

Guidance in principle, discussing sound propagation, sound barriers and shadows, imperforate enclosures and barriers, material types, measurement of sound levels, sound inside and outside the tower, sound lanterns, and sources of advice.

Church Bells and Towers (A Practical Analysis of Interaction Between)

Don Robinson & Harry Windsor (1994, CCCBR) £ 5.00

A seminal description of how swinging bells can interact with towers causing movement. It is a technical report of theoretical and practical research, but written in a style that should be accessible to the numerate layman.

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The Beginners Guide to Change Ringing on Handbells

William Butler (1988, CCCBR) £ 2.50

Progressive guidance on ringing handbells including handling and all basic positions up to ringing Plain Bob Minor on any pair

Change Ringing on Handbells

Chris W Woolley (1959, CCCBR) £ 2.50

Covers basics, positions and methods up to Surprise

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