District Officer roles

District Officer and Committee Roles

Thinking you might want to stand for a post as a District Officer, or join the District Committee? Not sure what it might entail? Maybe this will help:


    • Leadership and ambassadorial role.

    • Chairs District Committee meetings and District business meetings.

    • Elected at the ADM each year.


    • General organisational and communication role for District Meetings and other District activities and business.

    • Secretary to District Committee meetings & District business meetings.

    • Manages the District Fund and provides details for independent examination.

    • Ex-officio member of Ely DA General Committee.

    • Provides District information, including membership records, for the website and Annual Report.

    • Elected at the ADM each year.

Membership Secretary

    • Collection of annual Ely DA subs across the District for return to the Ely DA Treasurer, with membership information returned to the District Secretary. Coordinates recruitment to the Ely DA for the District.

    • Elected at the ADM each year

Ringing Master and Assistant

    • Run the ringing at District meetings or when the District hosts an Association event.

    • Both elected at the ADM each year.

Central Council Representative

    • One of four Ely DA reps (1 per District) attending the annual Central Council meeting.

    • Ex-officio member of the Ely DA General Committee.

    • Normally nominated at the ADM every third year, for election at the Ely DA AGM to take office in the following year. The current representative was elected at the AGM in 2019. New nomination required at the ADM in 2022.

Education Officer

    • Organises and co-ordinates training and education events for the District.

    • Elected at the ADM each year.

Book Stall Officer

    • Holds and manages the bookstall stock

    • Brings, displays and sells books at appropriate District meetings and other events

    • Co-opted by the District Committee


    • Maintains the District website, with links to other websites for the Association, using information provided by the District Secretary and others.

    • Co-opted by the District Committee

Bell Restoration Fund Trustee

    • One of four District-elected Trustees (1 per District) for the Ely DA Bell Restoration Fund.

    • Ex-officio member of EDA Committee.

    • The Fund provides financial assistance for the provision, maintenance and improvement of bells and installations in the Diocese of Ely with a view to the recording and preservation of bell ringing activities.

    • Normally nominated at the ADM every fifth year, for election at the Ely DA AGM. The current trustee was elected at the AGM in 2019. New nomination required at the ADM in 2024.

Diocesan Committee representative

    • Represents District interests and opinions on the Ely DA General Committee, of which they are ex-officio members.

    • Elected at the ADM each year.

Bell Adviser (new officer for 2018)

    • The District Bell Adviser shall periodically inspect and advise on maintenance of bells and towers in the District, shall support the Association Bell Adviser in his work, and shall be a member of the Bells Sub-committee.

The following District officers: President, Secretary, Ringing Master, Central Council Representative, Education Officer, Bell Restoration Fund Trustee, Bell Adviser and Diocesan Committee Representative are ex-officio members of the District committee. Additional committee members are elected at the ADM each year to bring the total number of committee members up to twelve, of which one should be a Junior member if possible. The actual number of committee members to be elected varies if one person fills two or more District officer roles.

Other Committee Members

    • Support, encourage and provide fresh ideas for District meetings, activities and events.

    • Help to run District activities, assist District Officers.

    • Elected at the ADM each year.

Committee meetings and business meetings

Normally, there are three business meetings in a year, held as part of a District meeting. The the Annual District Meeting in January is one of the business meetings. There are two committee meetings in a year, arranged at a time to suit the committee members, but in recent years they have been held after a District meeting.