Ely District Striking Competition 2015

This year, our District striking competition took place on Saturday 9th May, a week after the Ely DA Inter-district competition. The venue was Cottenham, and the local band won both sections. Judges Alan and Marj Winter congratulated all the bands on entering and said that all the ringing was enjoyable to listen to. In the Call Change section, there were 5 teams: Cottenham were placed first and Over second, with the Young Ringers scratch band third, followed by Isleham and Landbeach. The photo shows Simon Wilson receiving the Don Murphet trophy for this section. In the method section, Cottenham were placed first with the older ringers scratch band second. Over were third followed by the Young Ringers scratch band. Cottenham were awarded the trophy and, as the lowest placed tower band in this section, Over were awarded the wooden spoon. Full results and more photos are here.