Reports of Peals and Quarters 2014

From the footnotes

Two quarter peals were rung on Monday 26th Jan in memory of Geoff Lucas of Willingham, on the day of his funeral

The Ely DA quarter peal event on 29th November was hosted by the Ely District. It was based at Burwell for the tea and meeting; quarter peals were rung at Haddenham, Stretham, Over and Wilburton in the Ely District, and one over the border at Exning in Suffolk. These included a first quarter peal for Reece Perry of Landbeach, which was conducted by John Hinton, a first inside for Ruth Bramley of Stretham and a first in method for Catherine Richardson of Linton. There were also quarter peal attempts at Fordham, Isleham and Soham. Half muffled quarters for Remembrance Sunday were rung at Histon, Over and Cottenham.

The band at Wilburton, after Reece's first quarter peal

A quarter peal was rung at Burwell on Sept 14th in memory of Roger Smith.

Seven Ely District ringers rang a peal at Burwell, conducted by Paul Seaman to thank David Gillbert for his years as Tower Captain. It will also be the last peal on the bells before work on the clock and ringing chamber starts

Congratulations to Rachel Frost and Ben Edwards on ringing their first quarter peal (with a band of Young Ringers) at St Benets, Cambridge, on Sunday 24th August.

On Sunday 3rd August, half muffled quarters were rung to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Britain's entry into what became known as The Great War and subsequently World War One: at Histon, Burwell and Fordham. At Landbeach, the bells were rung half-muffled for the usual evening service.

On Sunday 22nd June, a quarter peal was rung at Histon to celebrate the opening of the St Andrew's Centre. The Histon ringers have rung a number of sponsored quarter peals in aid of the St Andrew's Centre during its redevelopment.

On Sunday 18th May a quarter peal of mixed doubles was rung at Oakington. This was an engagement compliment to Chantal Rose and Sam Bramley (son of Ruth and Robert who rang the tenor and treble respectively). It was also Robert's first quarter away from cover.

On Sunday 4th May, a date touch of 2014 Plain Bob Doubles was rung at Cottenham.

On Good Friday, 18th April, a peal of Cambridge Surprise Major was rung at Histon by a resident Ely DA band, with a good representation of Ely District members. This was rung half muffled during the Parish Walk of Witness.

In addition to the commemorative quarters, on Saturday 12th April a peal of 5040 Stedman Doubles was rung at Chatteris in memory of Colin Johnson, a member of the local band from 1986 to 2013.

In April, we are aiming to ring a quarter peal at as many District towers as possible in memory of Rosemary Palmer and Colin Johnson.

  • 'April' is loosely defined, and Landbeach were first, on Sunday 30th March.

  • At Soham, on Wednesday 9th April, the quarter was also a first of Royal for Geoff Grayton and Andrew White.

  • Quarters were rung at Swaffham Bulbeck and Conington on Saturday 12th April, and at Cottenham on Sunday 13th April.

  • At Chatteris on Monday 14th April, a quarter was rung on the back 5 as one ringer was called away at the last minute on Fire Service duties.

  • On 21st April, Easter Monday, quarters were rung at Stretham, Wilburton, Haddenham, Oakington, Rampton and Willingham, which was a first quarter on 6 bells for Roger Gooding of Landbeach.

  • On Wednesday 23rd April, St George's Day, quarters were rung at Over and at Swaffham Prior.

  • On Friday 25th April, the quarter of Plain Bob Major at Longstanton was a first of major for Fiona Rutter.

  • On Saturday 26th April the Young Ringers and helpers rang 1260 changes at Lolworth, including plain hunt and Stedman Singles.

  • On Sunday 27th April, quarters were rung at Chatteris (on six bells this time, and a first of surprise for Wisbech District member David Truman), at Littleport (first quarter on the bells since restoration, and a first on 8 for Matthew George) and at Histon (first of Cambridge Major for Cambridge District member Chris Endicott and first of Cambridge Major as conductor for Will Scheilling).

  • On Wednesday 30th April a quarter was rung at Wicken.

  • Some quarters could not be fitted in to April, and a quarter was rung at St Mary's, Ely on Monday 5th May.

  • A quarter was rung at Chippenham on Wednesday 28th May. This was quite eventful. The tenor rope came untucked towards the end of the quarter and, after re-tucking and setting the bell, the worm-eaten stay finally gave way so the bell rang itself down.

  • On Sunday 1st June, a quarter was rung at Burwell.

  • On Wednesday 25th June, a quarter was rung on the front 5 at Sutton (the tenor was out of action).

  • On Wednesday 23rd July, after a few previous attempts, a quarter was successfully rung at Isleham.

  • On Sunday 3rd August a quarter was rung at Fordham, this was also rung to mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of World War one, and was a first quarter peal for Christopher Franks.

  • On Wednesday 13th August, a quarter was rung at Doddington to complete the commemorative quarters.

On Wednesday 9th April, a quarter peal was rung at Willingham prior to the funeral of Adrian Peacock's Aunt Win (Winifred Saintey) who passed away on Sunday 30th March aged 97.

Four peals were rung last week to mark what would have been Colin Johnson's 80th birthday on 5th March: Stedman Triples (one of his favourite methods) at Swaffham Bulbeck; peals at Cherry Hinton and Fulbourn on his actual birthday, and one at Darlington in a method named after one of his favourite steam locos: Black Five Delight. Many thanks to all those who rang. And a peal of Stedman Doubles was rung in Colin's memory at Chatteris on Saturday 12th April.

A couple of significant birthdays were celebrated this week: Richard Edgely's at Chatteris on Monday 17th Feb (cake shown in photo), and Edie Robinson's at several towers in S Cambs/N Herts on Tuesday 18th: Littlington,, Weston, Sandon and Wallington.

On Monday 10th February, a representative band rang a quarter of PB Major at Ely St Mary in celebration of the life and work of Ven James Rone, a clerical member of the Ely Diocesan Association, whose Requiem Mass was sung at the Cathedral later on this day.

Liz Thompson achieved her first quarter of Surprise inside at Swaffham Bulbeck on Sunday 2nd Feb.

Congratulations to Geoff Grayton on achieving 50 years as a ringer; see also Celebrating 50 years as a ringer.